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How does it work

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How does it work and what is to be done to get a finished voice-over telephone on-hold message (a voice greeting, IVR, voice menu recording, etc)? You can use the on-line order form on our website or you can send us an e-mail. Correct ordering of work saves time, energy and money.

This page lists the frequently asked questions essential for recording on-hold messages.

An autoresponder is a device enabling a caller to get necessary information bypassing the telephone network operator as well as to record information from the caller.

An autoresponder, or an auto attendant, is important for minimizing the human participation in telephone conversations and for office automation.

An answering machine is often used as an auto informer to inform the caller of the range of the company services. For example, mobile operators may inform of the existing tariffs for mobile services. Banks may announce exchange rates and existing deposit and loan proposals. Cinemas may advertise their repertoire. Auto informers are also used in office systems, mini automatic telephone exchange, support service call-centers, large assortment E-shops, etc.

A greeting on-hold messages is a recorded voice message in a digital chip of the ip telephone operational storage device.

A greeting on-hold messages is the first step in communication.
a) These are the first words addressed to the caller, for example: Hello, welcome to IVR-Studio company. Wait for an answer, please.”
b) A voice message serves to transfer some business information. This message is used in case of the overloaded telephone lines, wrong telephone number, number unavailability, etc.
A voiceover message example: “Please, hold on. Your call is important to us. All operators are busy at the moment.”

Voicemail is a service granted mainly by mobile operators. It consists in recording and storing voice messages which can be listened to later by using a telephone or Internet.

Voice menu or IVR is compilation of previously recorded voice-over messages (IVR elements) which act as call routers in call centers, bank systems, mobile operators, etc and make it possible for callers to obtain access to some information by navigation on menu levels.
A voice menu example:
Hello, welcome to IVR-Studio company! For connection with the company secretary press “1”, for connection with financial and economic department press “2”, for connection with accounting department press “3”, for connection with law department press “4”. If you know the extension number, dial the number in the tone mode and wait for the secretary’s answer.

To order a service do the following:
a) Go to the corresponding section and page of the website which shows the procedure of filling in the application.
b) Use on-line ordering system.
c) Write a message and send it to the studio e-mail address; the topic section should indicate the request, for example, “Recording a voiceover On-hold messages”.

You may need several services at once. In modern interactive voice systems (IVR) an auto attendant needs a recorded voiceover greeting, a voice On-hold messages (for example, about services and advertising campaigns) and voice menu which will serve as a call router. Go to our website for detailed information on these services.

You can order a voicetalent that will make your voice message unique, acting effectively at any time. All the most common European languages are at your disposal but studios main voice talents are Russian and Ukrainian. All recordings are performed only by native narrators.

1) Be attentive towards the script to be recorded. Put the accent in words with variant reading, in proper names, in trade mark names, etc. For example, “Welcome to “DecidErio” salon!”
2) If the text contains foreign words, write their Russian transcription. For example, “Welcome to “Desiderio” (“десидерио”) salon!”
3) Write how you want all abbreviations, phone numbers, website names to be pronounced. For example, “Our Internet address is triple double U, IVR studio dot com.”
4) Read carefully the requirements on “Voice menu order” page.
5) Indicate the audio format of the ordered message.

Various studio services require various time and money expenditures.
For the information on the service cost go to the page "Prices.
". If on reading the page we have some questions, contact us
in any way you like. For this, see the page "Contact us

For sound reproduction in the answering machine use is made of digitized audio playback systems (processors). There are two variables effecting the quality of the reproduced audio signal.
1. Sampling frequency.

Sampling frequency is the number of variations in the sound volume per second.
The following sampling frequencies are used:
8 – 11 kHz is the frequency of an answering machine or a mobile phone; 22.05 kHz is radio frequency;
44.1 kHz is CD audio frequency.
2. Coding depth

Sound coding depth is the amount of information required for coding discrete volume levels of digitized sound. The highest sound quality equals the sampling frequency of 48 000 per second, the sampling depth being 16 bit.
It is important to mention that the higher the quality of the digitized sound, the greater the size of digitized sound file. The audio formats used for the answering machine are: WAV, Apple AIFF, RAW, MP3, WMA, ATRAC, Vorbis, etc.

We start executing your order after getting 100% payment. Our regular customers are serviced without prepayment. For the convenience of our customers we accept most payment methods. For details go to our website page "Prices. Valuation"

Timing of the order depends on its complexity. A voice-over on-hold message can be made within one work day. Voice menu will take 2 to 10 business days depending on the size of the order. Besides, you should take into account the workload of the voice talent you have chosen. Inquire about the voice talent availability online.
Attention: rush orders and their prices are discussed individually and sometimes presuppose additional fee for urgency.

You have filled in the application form carefully but on listening to the finished recording you want to make some corrections. What can be done in this case?
List of improvements that can be made free:
- rerecording the telephone on-hold message in case the task set for the voice-talent does not contradict the previous one and there are no changes in the text. I
f the initial requirement was to read the text dynamically and informatively and then changed to gentle and mild presentation, it will cause additional expenses;
- replacement of the background music;
- changing the audio format;
- increase or decrease in music duration time at the beginning or the end of the greeting.

How to order and receive Russian or Ukrainian on-hold message in 3-4 days time

  • Choose a dictor's

    Choose the voice you like best from the list of professional voice talents.

  • Choose a background

    The voice will be dubbed in music which you can choose yourself or instruct us to choose appropriate background music.

  • Fill a simple form

    Just answer a few questions and the final chord in your IVR onhold project will resound.

  • Obtain a ready

    The final audio product is finished: files in the desired format can be delivered by e-mail or ftp-server.

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