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Voice Mail Messages

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Text to voiceover the voice mail systems

The content of on-hold messages for voice mail is standard for this type of work and compiled on the basis of written text to voiceover greetings (voice messages). Typically, informative, no superfluous words, and conciseness - are required. If you are having difficulty in writing the text - please contact the creative department of IVR-Studio.

On-Hold music for voicemail

The the communications system for multi-level menus, you can use the background music - this element gives an advantage in cases where the expectation on the line is inevitable. Focusing on your wishes, either on their own experience and the laws of psychology, Ivr-Studio will choose the most suitable music in your situation.

Russian or Ukrainian Voicetalent recording for voicemail

It is exceptional to focus and retain the attention, interest of the caller during the on-hold message. The role of voice-over in this subject is very important. When you phone, falling on automatic greeting is your opinion about your organization just by what he heard in response to voice. Qualified voicetalents and voiceactors from Russia, Ukraine and foreign countries meet the highest demands and leave a lasting impression on the listener.

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How to order and receive Russian or Ukrainian on-hold message in 3-4 days time

  • Choose a dictor's

    Choose the voice you like best from the list of professional voice talents.

  • Choose a background

    The voice will be dubbed in music which you can choose yourself or instruct us to choose appropriate background music.

  • Fill a simple form

    Just answer a few questions and the final chord in your IVR onhold project will resound.

  • Obtain a ready

    The final audio product is finished: files in the desired format can be delivered by e-mail or ftp-server.

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