Russian and Ukrainian on-hold messages, on-hold commercials, IVR autoresponders, Russian and voiceover and voicetalents recording

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Work with Us

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To gain profit with us is necessary:

To place on your site a code of our partners program. Owing to the partners program, your clients can take advantage of services of voiceover recording of professional Russian and Ukrainian voicetalents for on-hold voice greetings and voice messages, and also to order manufacturing messages for IVR, the voice menu, voice greetings (voice messages).

The high quality equipment.

A variety and riches of voicetalent's voices, long-term experience of sound engineering - all this automatically becomes also your base at work with clients. Besides the basic services offering the on-hold voicegreetings and manufacturing of voiceover greetings (ivr) - you do considerably improve your well-being. IVR prompts recording, voice menu composing, voice recording for answering machines – the demanded, popular and necessary service for nowadays.

Possible profit

is limited only to your desire to participate and earn in partner program of IVR-Studio. Your percent is adjusted by a degree of participation in each concrete order.

Each productive order from your site will bring to you a minimum of 10 % of a total cost of the project. Thus you do not need to negotiate with the customer, to accept the order, payment, to approve Russian voicetalent or Ukrainian voiceactor, etc. If you assume this job, accordingly, the interest rate of your profit increases also. A maximum of that you can earn, depends exclusively on the quotations accepted in your region.

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How to order and receive Russian or Ukrainian on-hold message in 3-4 days time

  • Choose a dictor's

    Choose the voice you like best from the list of professional voice talents.

  • Choose a background

    The voice will be dubbed in music which you can choose yourself or instruct us to choose appropriate background music.

  • Fill a simple form

    Just answer a few questions and the final chord in your IVR onhold project will resound.

  • Obtain a ready

    The final audio product is finished: files in the desired format can be delivered by e-mail or ftp-server.

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