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Voice Menu

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Voice menu –

are the sentances, phrases and single words, which, combining in a different order, can be combined in some logical message. Text for recording voice menu is for informational purposes only. Musical background is not used.

For voice menu to sound the most natural way, all fragments of the voice menu - phrases and single words - should be written with the correct intonation feed. Therefore, to challenge for the voicetalent or narrator was clear, particular attention must be given to certain items and proper form of an order.

The mail rules of proper order for voice menu

  1. The sentances and words that are to be recoded by voicetalent should be give in the context. This makes it possibility to the voice-talent to understand how to pronounce a particular word.

    For example the customer require to record for the voice menu fragment - "To Call". In order for narratorto voice-over this word with the right intonation, he must see and read the entire sentence.

    «For calls (by city, press 1, then the local number)»

    The announcer reads the entire sentence, selected words are stored, unnecessary words are deleted and you can get a piece of the voice menu, which subsequently intonational exactly coincide with the other fragments. From a single recorded phrase you can receive more several parts of the voice menu (the selected words - certain elements of the voice menu):

    For calls (by city, press 1, then the local number)
    (Calls) in the city (press 1, then the local number)
    (For calls within the city) press 1, then (subscriber number)
    (For calls within the city, press 1, then) number.

    The more complete and understandable information is to the voice-talent, the more logical different fragments will docked to each other in the voice menu.

  2. By all means provide the stress sylable in the words that can be voiceovered differently (proper names, trademarks, etc.) For example: « «Moda mIa» Shop - capital letter – the stressed syllable in the word.

  3. Write to the transcription of Russian words of foreign origin, the names of firms indicating the correct accented syllables. For example: For the connection with an operator of [bi-si-es] group press one, then…

  4. Acronyms, abbreviations, numbers, names of websites decode and shall describe the way they should sound: For example: triple double we, ai vi ar studios dot com или: or: we-we-we, ai vi ar studios dot com

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