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Autoresponder messages

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What is the use of autoresponder messages if you have a perfect office secretary who is experienced in business and manages the job quite well? The installation of IP telephony and PBX looks like waste of money. There is nothing to be gained by them.

The answer can be found in the classical writer's words: "The world has changed, I can feel it…" The world has really changed causing changes in people's needs and requirements. Information processing speed is to be increased and all communication fields are to undergo rearrangements. In other word, if you do not upgrade your business you are sure to lose touch with the changing world.

Once you agree with this information, you should bring your mind to install an advanced telephone system. And IVR-Studio will do its best to unleash the true potential of autoresponder messages.

Advantage 1
The basis of any message and its advantage over a live office worker is a professionally written text of the message. The message should be brief and to the point. There should be nothing superfluous! Leave the essential which will not puzzle customers but provide the required information. The less important information (weekday schedule, weekend and public holiday schedule, special offers, etc) should be presented in separate short messages, for example:
morning greeting;
afternoon greeting;
evening greeting;
weekend and holiday greetings.
If you separate files in this way, you will not bore the caller with unnecessary information.
If you are not sure about the message content, you can listen to some finished autoresponder messages recorded by our company or order a script.

Advantage 2
Opt for your company's voice. While selecting from the list of our voice talents, we were guided not only by their professional skills but by their ability to create a voice image. So in the IVR-Studio Russian and Ukrainian voice-talent catalogue you are sure to find exactly what you need.

For example, your company's business is selling baby food. Don't you think that the best voice talent in this case should be a child? Or a caring mom? Both options are a good choice! But if you provide legal services, a child's voiceover will be quite out of place. A female voice sounds much better, or make your choice from the first-class charismatic male voice-talents. It is this voice that can give confidence to your customers.

Advantage 3
And another advantage according to the classical writer is "something that can win everybody". This is music for your autoresponder which will enhance the effects of the first two advantages. Choose the background music which is in line with your business. The music will not only keep a caller waiting but will impress him most favorably.

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How to order and receive Russian or Ukrainian on-hold message in 3-4 days time

  • Choose a dictor's

    Choose the voice you like best from the list of professional voice talents.

  • Choose a background

    The voice will be dubbed in music which you can choose yourself or instruct us to choose appropriate background music.

  • Fill a simple form

    Just answer a few questions and the final chord in your IVR onhold project will resound.

  • Obtain a ready

    The final audio product is finished: files in the desired format can be delivered by e-mail or ftp-server.

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