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Website Audio

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Voiceover for flesh and websites

Voiceover in Russian or Ukrainian languages for flash or web presentation is completly different from advertising or commercial. No music of sound effects background is used, emphasizing the essence of what is happening on the screen during the flash annimation.

The main task in the production manager of Russian voiceover or Ukrainian voiceover for flash presentation - is synchronization of narration with the visual side, the selection of special effects and creating a harmonious finished video.

Postproduction of each element, functional menu of the site.

Special sounds for the sound buttons, menus, submenus - You can order the scoring of each title, with the native Russian or Ukrainian voices of voiceactors and voicetalents or just sound-noise effects to enhance the style of your site.

Podcast (podcasting)

Video and audio transmission (The podcasts) are very popular is World Wide Internet network. We provide professional Russian voiceators and Ukrainian voicetalents, voice recording of any material and high quality production and postproduction of required material. Native Russian voicetalents and Ukrainian voiceactors musical arrangement and custim musical effects in harmony and the right bitrate, are always ready for your websites.

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How to order and receive Russian or Ukrainian on-hold message in 3-4 days time

  • Choose a dictor's

    Choose the voice you like best from the list of professional voice talents.

  • Choose a background

    The voice will be dubbed in music which you can choose yourself or instruct us to choose appropriate background music.

  • Fill a simple form

    Just answer a few questions and the final chord in your IVR onhold project will resound.

  • Obtain a ready

    The final audio product is finished: files in the desired format can be delivered by e-mail or ftp-server.

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